an enjoyable, uncomplicated
toy performed with
inventive techniques.

clean & refreshing

clear recordings with consistent, percussive articulations. this simple children’s toy has been sampled with a variety of standard & inventive performance techniques designed to layer well together, producing clean, enjoyable & uplifting timbres.

adventure alpine background black and white

six fun sounds

glockenspiel was recorded in a furnished, cozy (& disorganised) bedroom; plastic mallets, wooden pencil mallets, plastic mallet handles, felted, dampened & deadened articulations are featured within this simple library. enjoy an uncomplicated instrument, with a refreshingly clean tone.

designed for elemental player

created in elemental studio, and designed exclusively for elemental player. discover our platform for playing sample libraries made by publishers around the world.

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system requirements

glockenspiel is available as an elemental player instrument for Windows and macOS.

installation size: ~110MB

this product is a digital download and will be available instantly after ordering.


glockenspiel is free, and does not require activation to run. for more details, please refer to our terms of service.