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ukulele FREE

a distinctive ukulele,
with turtle carvings
and a relaxing timbre.

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elemental studio

make virtual instruments
without coding,
in minutes.

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elemental player FREE

play & control
virtual instruments
built with elemental studio.

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Arcadia Box and User Interface

arcadia: grand piano

4 specialised articulations.
over 3600 samples.
a nuanced grand piano plug-in.

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an ethereal, desirous
collection of tuned
field recordings.

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felted piano FREE

a wistful, melancholic piano
with thick felt layers between
string & hammer.

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glockenspiel FREE

an enjoyable, uncomplicated
toy performed with
inventive techniques.

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tactile concrete,
verdant foliage
& inquisitive fauna.

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we make virtual instruments with detail & character.