elemental studio

elemental studio

make virtual instruments.
use them anywhere.
without coding.
in minutes.

turn samples into instruments

convert .mp3, .wav & .flac files into virtual instruments that work in any music or composition software.

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create instruments for elemental player

instantly publish any instrument for the free elemental player, to share with friends or sell to customers.

new feature

export VST3, AU & AAX plug-ins

export professional instrument plug-ins with one click, without our branding, for no extra charge.


customise your instrument’s name, publisher, colour scheme, image & UI background.


drag and drop audio files to make playable instruments, keyswitches are added automatically.


built-in reverb, dynamics, adsr, looping, round-robin & transposition controls.

user friendly

fast & intuitive to use, with no coding. exports instruments in seconds.


build once for PC & Mac, and release for elemental player or VST3, AU, AAX & plug-in formats.

australian quality

made in Sydney; elemental studio is efficient & reliable to use.


our platform can easily handle instruments with thousands of samples.

leading design

publish instruments that look as good as they sound, with a consistent & modern style.

responsive support

if the manual doesn’t answer your question, get help quickly from our team.

you could create this

record a few notes on a piano, organise them in elemental studio, and click export. that’s what we did to create this exquisite piano plug-in.

Rooftops — Jonathan Vardouniotis

samples grid

make any audio file playable over a range of pitches, or set unique samples for every note, velocity & round-robin.

batch import

map an entire folder of audio files with one click, and easily transfer your project from other sampling platforms.

live preview

use a full-sized and fully-functional preview of your instrument while you make it.

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built-in content protection

publish sellable virtual instruments with our optional content protection; the same commercial tools we use in-house. prevent piracy, maximise revenue & decrease production time. get in touch for pricing.

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sell license codes

no setup and non-intrusive for you & legitimate customers, with our custom iLok integration.

encrypt your samples

prevent misuse of your samples without impacting your instrument’s performance. encryption takes place in elemental studio, so unprotected files never leave your device.

prevent piracy

protect your instruments from piracy, securing your brand’s reputation & revenue.

get elemental studio

available for rental; end your plan when you export your instrument.
US 210 / year inc. Tax
US 35 / month inc. Tax

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frequently asked questions

are there any restrictions on the free trial?
no; make & export an unlimited number of instruments during your trial, for personal or commercial use, and to share or sell to others.

why is elemental studio only available for rental?
our monthly and annual rental plans allow you to pay for only the time you need to create your instrument, and can easily be ended once you export your finished product; elemental studio can be purchased on a month-by-month basis for casual producers, or annually at a reduced price for more regular publishers.

is iLok required on instruments I export?
no; our content protection service with iLok is optional, for you to decide what best suits your customers. we recommend it for those looking to protect their original audio samples & easily sell their instruments.

how can I end my plan?
easily suspend your elemental studio plan from your organic instruments account. if you require assistance, you can also contact us directly for a timely response. when you suspend your plan, you can still use elemental studio as usual until the end of your billing cycle. any instruments you have exported from elemental studio will work forever, without any active plan.

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elemental player • FREE

use instruments made in elemental studio, with any music software.

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system requirements

elemental studio is available as a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows (7+ 64-bit) and macOS (10.13 High Sierra or later). natively supports Apple Silicon.
the elemental studio installer contains VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone formats, and also includes iLok License Manager.

installation size: ~400MB (customisable)

this product is a digital download and will be available instantly after purchase.


you can activate this product on up to 3 devices simultaneously, and deactivate them at any time. if you require more licenses, kindly contact us and we will happily discuss assigning more to your account. alternatively, if you lose access to a license, we will replace it at no cost to you. organic instruments uses the iLok licensing system to protect our products, allowing you to freely and securely move your licenses between devices at any time. physical iLok USB dongles are not required. this software can be used offline after activation. for more details, please refer to our terms of service.


we are pleased to accept card payments online, however understand that this may not be convenient for every customer. if you would prefer to purchase via bank transfer or an alternate payment method, kindly contact us.


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