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the power of audio design.

design, in the common sense, refers to the art of producing with aesthetic and function; with respect to audio, evoking emotion and reflecting mood. well-crafted sound has the power to influence and inspire, and at organic instruments it’s our mission to make this achievable by all. we design our virtual instruments with detail, nuance and character, so that they sound authentic and kindle the creativity in every composer.

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we are dedicated towards finding new ways for musicians, composers, and producers to express themselves with originality and impact. to achieve this, we put our resources into developing products and sound samples of the highest quality. in doing so, we work towards our goal of offering virtual instruments with originality & impact.

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organic instruments is a rapidly growing, Sydney-based developer of professional sample libraries and virtual instruments for musicians and composers. we strive to bring the most realistic, detailed and musical instruments to the table, providing artists with endless inspiration and the highest quality tools for every composition. our commitment to detail, creative sampling techniques and nuanced products enable anyone to perform and compose at the next level of realism within a Digital Audio Workstation.

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our commitment to life.

our commitment is driven by our desire to give back; addressing the urgent needs of climate change, and treading lightly with our own environmental footprint. we contribute 1.5% of our revenue to carbon removal, counteracting climate change by funding next-generation carbon removal with our partner, Stripe Climate.

it’s our belief that anyone can compose, whether you own a high-end studio or are just starting out, and are here to help you build upon your musical creativity. we’re proud of what we do, but don’t take our word for it. experience a free demo today…

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