felted piano

felted piano


a wistful, melancholic piano
with thick felt layers between
string & hammer.

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adventure alpine background black and white

a doleful, longing tone

felted piano was captured in an intimately proportioned & softly furnished drawing room. dolorous key strokes impart a weighty impression, with generously thick layers of felt inserted through the strings.

recorded in detail

each individual note was sampled twice, at multiple dynamic levels, to craft an authentic & evocative instrument. enjoy rich layers of overtones, as vibrations from each piano string pass to their neighbours through felt.

designed for elemental player

created in elemental studio, and included for free when you download elemental player. discover our platform for playing sample libraries made by publishers around the world.

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system requirements

felted piano is available as an elemental player instrument for Windows and macOS.

installation size: ~250MB

this product is a digital download and is included when you install elemental player.


felted piano is free, and does not require activation to run. for more details, please refer to our terms of service