Elemental Suite

Organic Instruments Announces Elemental Suite, Intro Offer for Instrument Plug-In Creator

November 01, 2023

Organic Instruments announces Elemental Suite.

Organic Instruments, is pleased to announce the release of Elemental Suite. After 13 months of development, Organic Instruments’ tools for creating professional sample-based virtual instrument plug-ins are now available. The Suite consists of Elemental Studio, allowing customers to design, build & publish their own virtual instruments in VST3, AU, AAX & Standalone formats, and Elemental Player, where users can load instruments from any publisher and use them for playback in their preferred DAW. Elemental Suite optionally provides robust licensing & encryption capabilities, ideal for those looking to sell their instruments, and publishers are able to contact Organic Instruments to transform their creations into independent, white-label products. This release enables producers and composers to take advantage of a new & streamlined approach to building powerful virtual instrument plug-ins.

“We know that many musicians, producers & composers have been waiting for a way to produce their own instrument plug-ins with a streamlined approach. As we release Elemental Studio & Elemental Player, we’re truly excited about sharing a new way for customers to create VST3, AU, AAX & Standalone instrument plug-ins. Publishers no longer need years of coding experience, a team of developers, and considerable time & expense to realise their creative potential. Whether it’s creating the next best virtual piano, or designing unconventional & innovative sample libraries, it’s an incredible time to share as we enable everyone to take advantage of the best new tools for virtual instrument production.” explained Jonathan Vardouniotis, Founder and Developer of Organic Instruments.

Introductory offer for Elemental Suite.

To celebrate the release of Elemental Suite, Organic Instruments will be offering a lifetime discount of 33% ($140 $210) on all annual subscriptions for Elemental Studio until November 15. Students and educators are eligible for further savings, with details available on the education page of Organic Instruments’ website.

Elemental Studio; Create professional, shareable, sample-based instruments.

Elemental Studio is Organic Instruments’ intuitive and streamlined application for producing sample-based virtual instruments. Featuring an efficient workflow for mapping audio files to playable MIDI notes, Elemental Studio allows publishers to add multiple Sound Sets per instrument, with an unlimited number of samples filtered by Note Range, Velocity and Round-Robins. With support for advanced techniques such as additional FX samples for key/pedal depressions & releases and the ability to automatically transpose an audio file across a range of keys, even the most detailed and sophisticated instruments can be built. For customers already familiar with other sampling systems, the Batch Import tool can be used to automatically import and sort sample files. Users can also easily configure the branding experience for their instruments by customising their publisher name, and curating colour schemes and images within their product. Optional tools to encrypt an instrument’s audio files and require sellable licenses to play are built-in, ideal for any user wishing to sell their instruments to others. Available itself as an instrument plug-in, Elemental Studio also features a functional real-time preview of instruments as they’re being built, that can be used to instantly test new creations in any DAW.

Elemental Player; Play & adjust original, sample-based instruments.

Elemental Player is a dedicated plug-in for the playback of all instruments built with Elemental Studio. Featuring a refined user-interface and intuitive controls, Elemental Player allows users to easily navigate their library of instruments, and load as many as desired into their DAW project. Every instrument features built-in Reverb, ASDR Envelope, and Dynamic controls, while also letting users assign instruments to different MIDI channels to craft and control customised layers of sound. Sound Sets can be changed via the UI, or from a DAW or external MIDI device, and a Transpose function is also built-in to the Player for easy pitch-shifting with a single click. Available as a VST3, AU, AAX & Standalone plug-in.

Elemental Core & Instrument Publishing with Organic Instruments.

Organic Instruments is proud to support instrument publishers with selling their products. All instruments produced with Elemental Studio can be converted into independent VST3, AU, AAX & Standalone plug-ins devoid of all Organic Instruments branding, through our white-label offering, Elemental Core. Additionally, all Elemental instruments are eligible to be published and sold via the Organic Instruments website for increased exposure to a wide-ranging audience of composers, musicians & producers.

About Organic Instruments

Organic Instruments is an Australian company producing virtual instrument plug-ins, sampled from real-life instruments. Designing products with detail, nuance and character, Organic Instruments strives to make digital instruments indistinguishable from the physical, providing producers and composers with the highest quality tools. Organic Instruments develops unique plug-ins that take compositions to the next level of realism.

Jonathan Vardouniotis
Founder and Developer
Organic Instruments