elemental player

elemental player


use instruments made in
elemental studio, with
any music software.

compose & perform

use instruments in your favourite DAW, music composition software, or in the standalone elemental player app. with a refined interface & intuitive controls, it’s easy to create an incredible performance.

customise your sound

every instrument built for elemental player has individual reverb, dynamics & adsr envelope controls, helping you create unique performances every time.

includes felted piano

enjoy a beautifully nuanced instrument, installed for free alongside elemental player. discover the potential of our exceptional sampling platform, before using elemental studio to create your own instruments.

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make incredible textures

create layers of instruments by assigning them to the same midi channel, producing beautiful polyphonic textures.

set instruments to different midi channels to play them individually, while maintaining control over them from one unified interface.

use your instruments anywhere

get elemental player today and easily use your instruments in any music program; compose with instruments you made in elemental studio, or perform using inspiring sample libraries created by other publishers around the world.

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elemental studio

turn any sound into a playable virtual instrument.
and use it anywhere.
without coding.
in minutes.

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system requirements

elemental player is available as a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows (7+ 64-bit) and macOS (10.13 High Sierra or later). natively supports Apple Silicon.
the elemental player installer contains VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone formats, and also includes felted piano & iLok License Manager.

installation size: ~400MB (customisable)

this product is a digital download and will be available instantly after purchase.


elemental player & felted piano are free, and do not require activation to run. for more details, please refer to our terms of service.


download the manual for elemental suite →